About the restaurant

“Shtakenschneider is the restaurant with best traditions of imperial chic in the center of Saint Petersburg.
An interior of the restaurant excludes any hint of minimalism.
The main elements of indoor furniture are natural leather, carpets, velvet, paintings, wood, crystal, bronze and molding on the ceilings.

The architect's house of Andrey Shtakenschneider within located the restaurant
was built more than two centuries ago and at the time it was the center of literary and high life of Petersburg.

The restaurant “Shtakenscnheider” is a luxury in every piece!

The main part which perfectly supplements the atmosphere of aristocracy is elegant crockery
with cobalt stripe which has made on order by legendary factory of "Imperial porcelain".
You can evaluate Russian cuisine in all of its diversity in the restaurant “Shtakenscnheider”.

Head cook Sergey Semyonov as a proper expert in traditional Russian cuisine had devoted a lot of time
to find farms with the best products and also to study tested by centuries technologies
to cook old-time recipes which become the base of our menu and visit card of the restaurant.

You can not imagine the real Russian meal without all types of pickles,
homemade jam and marmalade, patties with stuffing and also without fresh-baked bread!